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New Space for Evita se Perron Café, Deli & Theatre - Darling

09 June 2022

We love a new challenge... Our Evita se Perron Café, Deli & Theatre is now in a new location!

Still at Evita se Perron, but now all our attractions are spaced together in one location at the Museum/Nauseum & Boerassic Park.

Visit Evita se Perron to have a look, coffee and something delicious to eat!

Evita Se Perron

Evita Se Perron

Darling, Western Cape Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Country, Deli, Light Meals, South African, Vegan, Vegetarian

The Perron offers a quirky, relaxing atmosphere where you and your guests can be captivated by the fascinating relics from South Africa's rich and diverse history. The Perron offers weekend...