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Public Announcement from Adega Restaurant

20 October 2021

  • Please Note!

Dear Adega Family,

We are saddened that there are a few stores in the market trading illegally as an Adega, and abusing the good name that Adega has built over the last 20 years.  Adega takes pride in the high standard it sets in its operating and food safety standards and procedures.

These stores do not adhere to any of Adega’s stringent quality standards, and neither do they comply with our recipes and operational procedures. We are in the process of forcing them to remove all branding from their stores and on any advertising, digital and promotional media. Unfortunately this can only be done via the legal route and will take some time to take effect. Adega can therefore not guarantee quality, and or safety in any way, should you decide to go to these stores. Please note that these stores are operating illegally and have absolutely no affiliation to the Adega brand in any way, shape or form.

The only recognised Adega stores currently trading are as follows:

Adega Bedfordview in Key West
Adega Gateway

Furthermore, any official Adega store will allow you to redeem loyalty points through the new Adega mobile app, thereby rewarding you for your loyalty.

Please email us should you have any doubts or queries with this regard, and we shall assist you as best we can.

Adega - Bedfordview

Adega - Bedfordview

Bedfordview, Gauteng Cocktails, Fine Dining, Grills, Light Meals, Mediterranean, Portuguese, Seafood, Tapas

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