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Join The Legacy: Enter Your Nominations For The 2025 Wine Harvest Commemorative Event

11 June 2024

The Wine Harvest Commemorative Event calls on all in the South African wine industry to nominate potential candidates to be considered for recognition in 2025 in the following categories: The 1659 Award for Visionary Leadership, Viti- and Viniculture, Wine Advancement, and Growing Inclusivity. Nominations for the 2025 Wine Harvest Commemorative Event will close on Monday, 1 July 2024.

The Wine Harvest Commemorative Event, held annually in February at the Groot Constantia wine estate—South Africa’s oldest wine-producing farm—is a pivotal celebration in the South African wine calendar. This event not only commemorates the official birthdate of the South African wine industry on 2 February 1659, but it also seeks blessings for the upcoming harvest and honours distinguished individuals and institutions in four categories whose contributions have significantly propelled the industry forward.

Among the prestigious categories, the 1659 Award for Visionary Leadership stands tall, recognising those who have profoundly influenced the wine industry with their creative and innovative impacts, setting a legacy that changes perspectives and lives. The Viti- and Viniculture category celebrates innovators who have introduced new technologies and methods that have reshaped winemaking, benefiting the industry at large. The Wine Advancement category highlights contributions that have enhanced the image of wine and promoted its responsible use, broadening the global perception of South African wine. The Growing Inclusivity category is awarded to those who have actively worked towards removing barriers and fostering a more inclusive industry. These awards not only acknowledge past contributions but also inspire future excellence in the South African wine industry.

Over the years, numerous luminaries have been recognised, including Nelson Mandela, Unsung Wine Workers, Norma Ratcliffe, Beyers Truter, Charles Back, Carmen Stevens and Ken Forrester. In 2024, Tim Hutchinson, Ilse Ruthford, Cathy Marston, and Dawid Saayman were also added to this noteworthy list.

The new recipients will be announced in February at the 2025 Wine Harvest Commemorative Event.

Nominations Are Open For The 2025 Wine Harvest Commemorative Event - Deadline 1 July 2024
To enter your nominations for the 2025 Wine Harvest Commemorative Event, please click HERE!

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