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Clearworld Suppliers in Partnership with Sanpellegrino and Acqua Panna Launch Groundbreaking Upliftment Scholarship Programme With Sommeliers Academy in South Africa

12 June 2024

  • Burger & Lobster Group - Dalu.D

Clearworld Suppliers along with Sanpellegrino and Acqua Panna have collaborated with the Sommeliers Academy, to introduce the pioneering Upliftment Scholarship Programme in South Africa.

This initiative aims to elevate the standard of service in South African restaurants and bar venues to an international level.

Administered by the Sommeliers Academy, this dynamic Scholarship Programme is designed to revolutionise the skills and knowledge of restaurant, hotel and bar industry individuals. It stands as a testament to Clearworld Suppliers' unwavering commitment in gastronomy and hospitality excellence, focusing on empowering individuals to mastering the art of beverage and wine service.

‘’Sanpellegrino & Acqua Panna Brands have always been associated in various collaborative projects within the culinary, wine & mixology world’’ adds Ania Odyniecka – Sales & Marketing Manager - Sanpellegrino & Acqua Panna in South Africa.

“We believe that empowerment and education are vital for the success and growth of our industry. By giving back to the community and supporting our loyal customers, we build long-term, meaningful relationships," says Philip Abrahamson, CEO of Clearworld Suppliers.

Imagine the finest tables adorned with S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, the finest natural mineral water brands. These iconic names are more than just beverages; they fully support the mission of Sommeliers Academy. Alongside Clearworld Suppliers, they champion the Academy's dedication to achieving service excellence across the continent of Africa.

The Upliftment Scholarship Programme is not just about education - it's about transformation, offering an array of courses from cocktail and wine stewards’ to full-fledged junior sommelier, it provides seasoned hospitality professionals the chance to elevate their skills to the standards of the world's top establishments.

Courses in the programme delve into cutting-edge stock management practices, innovative recycling protocols, and the optimisation of local resources. This education not only hones students' service capabilities but also champions a more sustainable future for the hospitality industry.

Every course within this scholarship programme adheres to the prestigious ASI (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale) guidelines, which set the gold standard for sommelier service and certification. With Jean Vincent Ridon at the helm - manager of the Sommeliers Academy and the current Best Sommelier of South Africa, as well as a member of the ASI Exam & Education Committee - Participants are guaranteed top-tier training and will receive a SASA Certification, recognized by 70 other member nations of the ASI. The ASI's presence in South Africa, represented by SASA (South African Sommeliers Association), underscores the global reach and impact of this initiative.

In a country where education has often faced challenges, skill transfer and competency enhancement are vital.

Ridon passionately asserts, “This programme aims to uplift the entire hospitality sector by empowering candidates with globally recognised skills. The training not only prepares them for local excellence but also opens doors for international career opportunities.”

Join us in this thrilling journey of empowerment and excellence, where the future of hospitality in Africa is being shaped one course at a time.

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