Saint Juz Restaurant

  • Saint Juz Restaurant Cape Town Central, Western Cape
  • Asian, Japanese, Russian, Siberian, Thai, Vegetarian, Wine bar
  • Dinner, Lunch
  • 111 Sir Lowry Road
    Cape Town

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Siberian - Asian & Wine!

Howzit, foodies and wine lovers! We’re stoked to share the vibe of our lekker team here at Saint Juz, who all found each other right here in Woodstock and came together to create something truly special!

Our squad is all about passion for food and wine, and we’re on a mission to bring you top-notch grub and vino every single day. From the moment we met, it was clear that we were vibing on the same wavelength, and together, we’re cooking up a storm to make sure your taste buds are dancing with joy!

We’re all about that professional hustle, constantly honing our skills and pushing ourselves to new heights. But at the end of the day, it’s all about the love of food and wine that brings us together. So come on down, join the fam, and let us spoil you with some seriously lekker eats and drinks!


  • Cuisine : Asian, Japanese, Russian, Siberian, Thai, Vegetarian, Wine bar
  • Ambience : Authentic Culture, Bustling, Relaxed
  • Dress : Casual
  • Reservations

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